Industry Niches

Full-Spectrum Biomedical / Environmental / Industry Niches :

With its core flexibility in wavelength engineering and spectrum engineering, PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) technology has also been widely used in diverse spectrum-intelligence applications. By engineering the quasi-phase-matching (QPM) grating of PPXX (PPLN, PPLT), one can engineer the frequency converted output to the desired wavelength, desired spectrum, and desired tunability for your mission critical applications in the field of biomedical, environmental, and several other industry niches (such as flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, fluorescence microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, breath analysis, Greenhouse gas sensing, etc)

As a world PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) Technology Platform Leader, HCP has developed the most advanced PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) fabrication process, the most knowledgeable PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) customer service as well as the most cost-effective PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) manufacturing efficiency to meet your diverse and special wavelength application requirement. In addition, HCP have has also positioned itself to be your trusted full-spectrum (UV/Visible to IR/THz) value co-creation partner to work with you from your ideas to your volume production.