PPLN Chips

PPXX (periodically poling lithium niobate/tantalate) technology is an efficient laser wavelength conversion technology, which enables the generation and conversion of new laser wavelengths via material's nonlinearity χ(2). Based on engineered microstructures within ferroelectric nonlinear materials, PPXX technology provides a powerful tool — quasi-phase-matching (QPM) to compensate the phase-velocity mismatching between interaction waves for efficient wave-mixings. PPXX technology has enabled photonics applications, ranging from laser-based RGB display, biomedicine, high-speed optical signal processing, gas sensing and many other innovative photonics applications. 

PPXX bulks or Waveguides   Configuration of BPM & QPM

QPM based PPXX enables not only new wavelength generation and spectrum engineering that is difficult or impossible to achieve by conventional nonlinear materials. With full spectrum PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) chips (MgO:LN, MgO:LT) and suitable nonlinear frequency conversion schemes:

1. Second Harmonic generation (SHG)

2. Sum-Frequency Generation (SFG)

3. Difference-Frequency Generation (DFG)

4. Optical Parametric Generation (OPG)

5. Opitcal Parametric Oscillation (OPO)

,one can achieve desired output wavelengths (from UV/ Visible to IR/THz) and special functions (spectrum inversion, comb spectrum conversion, arbitrary spectrum engineering, etc) efficiently.

          Configuration of several wavelength conversion type

Table. 1 A comparison table for common nonlinear crystal with periodic poling. 

*1 The damage threshold are stronly depending on the laser condition such as wavelength, pulse width...etc.