The bulk chips have many geometrics. Along the longitudinal direction, they can be classified by periodically poled and aperiodically poled. 


- Periodic Poled Chip

  Single Grating

  Multiple Grating

  Fan-out Grating

- Aperiodic Poled Chip

  Chirp Grating

  Cascade Grating

  Customized Grating


HCP provides the following standard bulk chip to meet your application requirement: 

Please refer the standard product list to find your PPLN gratings!

We can also help you to design suitable QPM periods and QPM structures for selected PPLN/PPLT materials to achieve desired phase-matching and spectrum at specified operation temperature with consideration of input & output power/energy as well as their spectrum/pulse properties.

Table.1 The comparisons of several nonlinear cyrstals. 


Explanation on Periodic/Aperiodic Structure:

Periodically poled chips are suitable for single wavelength conversion and the most efficient, but the limited phase-matching bandwidth often restricts its purpose for multi-wavelength conversion or ultrashort pulse wavelength conversion. Aaperiodically poled chips such as cascade, chirped grating or even a engineered optical superlattice realize the feasibility of engineerable PM spectrum for many important applications. At the transverse direction, there are classified by mutiples and fan-out grating, allowing the tunability of PM spctrum by translating the chips along the transverse direction.