PPLN Mixers

A compact, plug&play, and integrated module provided by HCP for the wavelength conversion applications is called "Mixers". With the integrated optics and electronics inside, our mixer free your hands from the delicate optical alignment, and provide a maintain-free solution.  

General features of standard mixers for CW second-harmonic generation (SHG):

Our basic capabilities include simulation, integration processes to qualification test. Optical power monitoring can be optional and consigned components (e.g. fibers) can be accepted to fulfill your specific needs.

For other special conversion type or wavelength, please contact us for more information.

HCP’s precision alignment and photonics packaging facilities can provide you fast customization and commer-cialization. Please just contact us for your special applications. We will realize your innovation with "Photonics Packaging & Application Integration Service" based on the concept of open innovation.