WG Mixer

Similar to the requirements and challenges for optimizing the wavelength conversion process of full-spectrum PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) bulk chips, PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) waveguide applications also require optimization of several parameters simultaneously, (such as the input beam size, tight alignment of pump beam to PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) waveguide chips, and phase matching temperature, etc). In addition, due to the nature of tight waveguide confinement, the tolerance for PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) waveguide chips is normally much tighter (in sub-micron accuracy) than that of PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) bulk chips. Thus, it could be even more challenging for the optimization of PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) waveguide chip applications.  

Same as the PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) Bulk chips, we also provide the following PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) waveguide mixers and services to support your application integration. The PPXX (PPLN, PPLT) waveguide mixers are also in general compact with fiber delivery and plug-and-play for your ready-to-use. Please also challenge us with your special requests, we will provide our services at best efforts to meet your needs.


Ref-1: Achieve your desired input/output by suitable PPXX WG chips and its conversion configuration 

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