Periodic chips

Periodic chips are the PPLN and PPLT which are designed for the quasi phase-matching to meet your wavelength conversion requirement at desired wavelength and temperature, from fixed wavelength to continuous tuning.

You can also choose the chip accessories such as chip holder, oven and controller, which are compatible with our chips. 

 Geometric Structure   Features

Single Gratings -

• Cost-effective

• Widely used in single wavelength conversion           

• Extreme long grating is feasible for manufacture  


Mutiple Gratings -

• Multi-channel grating with different period

• Moderate tunability by switching the channel

• Often used in tunable wavelength conversion 


Fan-out Gratings -

• Grating with continuous varying period

• Excellent tunability

• Often used in continuous tunable wavelength conversion 


HCP provides the chips with various structures such as single grating, multiple grating and even fan-out grating shown in above figures. For fixed wavelength convesion, you can choose single grating as a cost-effective solution, and choosing the multiple or fan-out grating if you need large tunability. 

*The polish quality depends on the chip dimension, for more information you can refer the polish specifications.