Aperiodic chips

Aperiodic chips are the PPLN and PPLT chips which are aperiodic poled designed for the phase matched multi-wavelength or broad acceptance-bandwidth wavelength conversion. Even a customized phase matching spectrum can be tailored.

You can also choose the chip accessories such as chip holder, oven and controller, which are compatible with our chips. 

 Geometric Structure   Features

Cascade Gratings -

• Multi-steps for multi-wavelength conversion

• Sequenced conversion process            

• Monolithic architecture to save the cost   


Chirp Gratings -

• Linear or nonlinear chirp

• Continuous and broadband conversion spectrum

• Widely used in ultrafast applications



HCP has the design and manufacture capability on the aperiodic chips such as chirp gratingcascade grating and customized optical supperlattice  for arbitrary phase-matching spectrum you want. With special QPM design, one can also achieve desired wavelength conversion and spectrum engineering simultaneously.

*The polish quality depends on the chip dimension, for more information you can refer the polish specifications.